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IRA Audiobook Powerpoint A powerpoint from International Reading Association about how using audiobooks can meet content standards and support student readers. Includes reading lists and sample listening logs among other great information.
Free Classic/Contemporary Novel Pair Every Week This Summer This summer starting the week of June 16, you may go and download MP3 files for both a classic novel and a contemporary young adult novel to go with it. This program is its fourth year. The first week's titles are The Eleventh Plague and Grapes of Wrath. You need Overdrive Console on your computer to download, and the files transfer to mobile devices. Every week for several weeks, there will be new titles.
Tons of resources for math, language arts, and science teachers. Alignment to many of the state standards. Lessons go through a screening process to ensure quality. You can search lessons via standards, topic, grade level, and specific names of resources. Includes learning modules for teachers.
Tons of resources for all content area teachers. Lessons aligned to state standards. Multiple ways to search for resources and lessons. Technology & 21st century learning skills specifically identified - collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Links to great sites such as National Geographics, Wonderopolis, ArtEdge, and others. Includes learning modules for teachers.
21 learning modules for teachers on 21st century learning modules. CEU's available.
Has podcasts to use in your classroom, in addition to more resources. One of the thinkfinity partners.
The internationally recognized series of//Horizon Reports// is part of the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project, a comprehensive research venture established in 2002 that identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact over the coming five years on a variety of sectors around the globe. This volume, the 2011 Horizon Report, examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. It is the eighth in the annual series of reports focused on emerging technology in the higher education environment.
ROBMS eTech presentation 2011 Details from the lessons we shared at the Feb. 7 meeting. Topics: Literature response, Business letters, constitution principles, Literature circles.
Partnership for 21st century skills A framework for thinking about everything a 21st century learner needs to know and be able to do.
Infohio's 21st century learning commons A great series of tutorials for the digital immigrant.
TPACK 101 (in the style of CommonCraft) TPACK means Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge integration.
What does Pixar look for in employees? A video explaining what sets some job candidates apart from the crowd.
Visible Thinking Project Zero at Harvard is helping students become more cognizant of their patterns of thought.
De Bono's thinking tools Foster creativity and critical thinking, and stay out of the thinking traps!
Will Richardson: learning with the read/write web Will Richardson stays on top of education trends so he's a great one to follow.
Daniel Pink: the changing world of work Daniel Pink continues to expand on what it means to have a Whole New Mind for the 21st century.
Edutopia George Lucas' educational foundation explores innovative methods and technologies for education.
Kathy Schrock's tech blog Follow Kathy Schrock for her practical advice on what works in the classroom.
Blooms Web 2.0 This is a collection of Web 2.0 sites organized into Bloom's Taxonomy.
tinyurl--shrink any web address to a memorizable length--also see
Jing--make a video that includes your voice and whatever is going on on your screen
Mimio--an inexpensive interactive whiteboard
Survey Methods--create and analyze online surveys
IPEVO Point 2 View--great document camera for low price
Digital Wish--great deals on Flip Video cameras and other equipment; contests; find a sponsor for your classroom
Net Cetera--free online safety resources
Ohio Resource Center--Vast Treasure trove of Math, Language Arts, and Science lessons incorporating all sorts of best practices
Technology Integration Matrix--recommended by eTech for self-evaluation
Buck Institute for Education--a project-based learning clearinghouse! Great "PBL 101" and "Advanced PBL" workshops are available from the ESC of Central Ohio