This is our space to exchange favorite and promising ipad/ipod apps.

Apple's distinguished educator team has published a great app directory:

The App Code is a new program founded by Amish Shah where anyone can create apps for smart phones. You can create 100 apps for Apple, Android or Windows for free and get a massive amount of downloads the day they are released. Using this strategy Amish has recently sold his company for $1.95 million dollars. Watch the app code free one hour webinar now on his strategy.

Apps shared at Wilmington College Ipad Apps workshop:
Cha Cha
Dragon Dictation
Dragon Go
Many of these are reviewed in the sites listed below.

here are 3 sites that review educational apps:

More iPad resources: on the merits of iPad2
[[@teachwithyouripad: |]]

There's something for everyone here, including top reviewed apps, productivity hints, how to organize all the stuff on your ipad, and how to extend its battery life.

The document below lists the apps currently loaded on ROBMS (Wilmington MS) iPads and how they are organized:

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